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Dear First Year Students:

We need to have a word with you about sex, and porn. In the past month, we’ve seen a dramatic uptick in visits from college towns, as newly minted 18 year olds, liberated from parental monitoring and ready for adulting, log on to our site.

A 67% increase in new visits from Chapel Hill. A 52% increase at State College. Goooo team! Not so fast. It turns out that half of you haven’t had any formal sex education at all. And the ones who were lucky enough to have someone explain the very basics of anatomy and reproduction? Three-quarters of you received only messages on abstinence. That’s INSANE. How the hell are you supposed to understand what’s going on on this site? How can you understand even basic issues like pubic hair and condoms, let alone consent, BDSM and user-uploaded granny videos. And yet, that’s what you’re expecting us to teach you. I realize that most of you think you can handle it, that you know plenty about sex from friends, and the internet, and can just Google the rest. But we have to tell you, you know far less than you need. Imagine if your school district cancelled Driver’s Ed, and had you watch The Fast and the Furious instead. Well, we’re not giving you the keys just yet. We know we can’t fully stop you — you’re Generation VPN, after all, and we believe you have a right to not have to disclose personal information to us. We also know we’re not sex educators. (Although, we’ve took a stab at it with The Box.) But we’d be remiss if we didn’t at least issue some basic guidelines for understanding what you’ see here.

Just remember: sex is fun. Sex is exciting. But sex is a skill to learn. All the WikiHows in the world can’t teach you to do it well. That takes communication, practice and enthusiastic consent — and conversations with educators. Unlike your high school, your university is likely filled with resources about sex and sexuality. So before you log-on here again, we want you to go to the University Clinic. Go to The Box. Go to the LGBT Center. Go to Sex Week lectures. Go to Planned Parenthood. Come back to us when you’re ready for a graduate course.

Alex Hawkins

Vice President, xHamster